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  1. Infection Control and CQC Inspections in GP Surgeries

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    Cleaning Doctors Examination Bed

    As a Practice Manager, keeping your GP surgery clean and infection-free is a top priority. Not only is it essential for the health of your patients, but it is also essential for your practice's reputation. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of cleaning, infection control and CQC inspection in a GP surgery and provide tips on maintaining a clean and safe environment for your patients and staff.


    Preventing Infection

    Preventing infection is the primary goal of cleaning in GP surgery. It is crucial to ensure that your surgery is cleaned regularly and adequately to prevent the spread of infection between patients and staff. Regular cleaning will help to keep bacteria and viruses at bay and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Creating and sticking to a daily cleaning schedule is essential to ensure nothing is missed. Ensure that your staff is adequately trained in cleaning and disinfecting techniques and uses the correct equipment and products.


    CQC Inspections Control

    The CQC (Care Quality Commission) regulates and inspects healthcare services in England, including GP surgeries. The CQC inspection control plays a vital role in ensuring that GP surgeries run effectively and safely and providing high-quality care to patients. Understanding what CQC expects and ensuring you adhere to its standards is essential. After all, failing a CQC inspection can have severe consequences for your practice, including fines and a negative reputation.


    Cleaning Tips

    Maintaining a clean and infection-free GP surgery can be challenging, but some cleaning tips can help you in achieving this goal:

    1. Ensure your surgery is cleaned daily, paying particular attention to frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches, and reception areas.
    2. Use appropriate cleaning agents and disinfectants, following the manufacturer's instructions.
    3. Do not allow clutter to build up, as this can harbour bacteria and germs.
    4. Encourage your staff to practice good hand hygiene, such as washing hands regularly and using hand sanitiser.


    Patient Expectations

    Patients expect to visit a clean, safe and hygienic GP surgery. A clean environment not only provides peace of mind but also gives them the confidence that they are attending a reputable practice. Moreover, research shows that patient perception of the cleanliness of a GP surgery correlates with their satisfaction with the care they receive. So, keeping your surgery clean and meeting patient expectations can lead to better patient outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.


    Importance of Professional Cleaning Services

    Professional cleaning services can be invaluable in helping you maintain a clean and safe GP surgery. They have the expertise, experience, and tools required to ensure that your practice meets the highest standards of cleanliness. They can also provide you with advice and training on cleaning best practices. By investing in a professional cleaning service, you are not only ensuring that your patients receive the best possible care, but you are also reducing the workload and stress on your staff, allowing them to focus on providing patient care.


    In conclusion, keeping your GP surgery clean and free from infection is crucial for the health and well-being of your patients and staff. By adhering to CQC inspection control and maintaining a clean environment, you can ensure that your practice provides high-quality patient care. Regular cleaning, using appropriate cleaning products and disinfectants, encouraging good hand hygiene amongst your staff, and investing in professional cleaning services can help achieve this goal. So, take steps today to ensure your GP surgery is clean, safe and welcoming for all who attend.

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  2. The Importance of DBS Checks for Medical Cleaning Providers

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    As a practice manager, you already have a lot on your plate with running a medical practice. It is essential to maintain cleanliness in your clinic, ward, or hospital since it is a place that houses many people with varying conditions. To ensure superior cleaning services, hiring a medical cleaning provider with DBS-checked staff is crucial. The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is necessary to maintain the patients' and staff's safety and security. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into why it is essential to have medical cleaning providers that DBS their staff.

    DBS Checks Provide Background Information of Employees
    Medical cleaning providers must diligently check their staff's previous history before hiring them for such a sensitive role. DBS checks highlight the candidate's criminal history, previous misdemeanours, and undesirable behaviour. This valuable information can prevent hiring employees with a tainted past that may threaten the safety and security of the practice. DBS checks also help identify if the candidate is barred or prohibited from working in the medical and health sector.

    Maintaining a Safe Environment
    As mentioned earlier, medical practices are sensitive regarding hygiene and safety. The area contains various equipment and tools that require special handling and care. Medical cleaning providers must maintain cleanliness standards and ensure their staff is reliable and trustworthy. DBS checks help maintain a safe and secure patient and staff environment. It assures the practice manager that the cleaning provider is taking the necessary steps to protect the people who frequent the medical facility.

    Demonstrate Compliance with the Regulator's Standards
    CQC (Care Quality Commission) is England's independent regulator of health and social care. They periodically inspect various medical practices to ensure they meet the necessary quality and safety standards. The regulator requires medical procedures to ensure the people working in their facilities, including cleaning staff, complete the required standards. Medical practices that work with DBS-checked medical cleaning providers demonstrate compliance with the regulator's standards, which are necessary to avoid legal fines and penalties.

    Peace of Mind for the Practice Manager
    As a practice manager, ensuring your patients and staff's safety and security is a top priority. Hiring a medical cleaning provider that DBS checks its staff gives you peace of mind that they have taken the necessary precautions to maintain the facility's safe environment. Additionally, the DBS check lets you easily track the employee's background, giving you the information needed to make informed decisions. This helps practice managers make the right hiring choices and protect their practices' reputation.

    Reduced Risk of Malpractices
    Unscrupulous cleaning staff can significantly threaten the practice manager's reputation by engaging in unethical behaviour or malpractices. By working with a DBS-checked medical cleaning provider, you can minimise this risk and ensure that the cleaning staff is professional and trustworthy.

    Maintaining high cleanliness and safety levels in a medical facility is crucial. Hiring medical cleaning providers that DBS their staff ensures you attain the necessary safety levels for your patients and practice staff. DBS checks provide background information, help maintain a safe environment, demonstrate compliance, provide peace of mind, and reduce the risk of malpractices. Working with a trusted provider prevents the occurrence of undesirable events that can compromise a medical facility's reputation. Keeping the facility clean and secure is essential in providing the best quality care to patients.

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  3. Let's Discuss TUPE and What it Entails

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    When it comes to TUPE, there are many things to consider. But one of the most critical questions is: do you have to TUPE cleaners? The short answer is yes, but there are some exceptions. Here's everything you need to know about TUPE and cleaners.

    What is TUPE?
    TUPE stands for the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations. In the UK, TUPE protects the rights of employees when their job is transferred to another employer. This includes cases where there is a merger, acquisition, or outsourcing.

    If you're considering transferring your cleaning staff to another employer, you need to be aware of the TUPE regulations. Failure to comply with TUPE can result in legal action from your employees.

    The first thing you need to do is inform and consult with your employees about the transfer. This includes providing them with information about the new employer, their contact details, and any changes to their working conditions or salaries. You must also give them enough time to discuss the transfer and raise any concerns they may have.

    The next step is to consult with employee representatives, such as trade unions. You need to agree on any measures that will be taken concerning the transfer, such as changes to terms and conditions or redundancies. You must still consult with employees individually if there are no employee representatives.

    Once the transfer has occurred, the new employer must recognize any previous employer's trade unions. They must also notify employees of any changes to their contract of employment within one month of the transfer taking place. And finally, they must take on any collective agreements that were in place at the previous employer.

    TUPE can be a complex area, but it's essential to make sure you comply with the regulations if you're thinking about transferring your cleaners to another employer. By following the steps outlined above, you can avoid any legal action from your employees and ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved. Thanks for reading and if you would like more help or advice schedule a walkthrough today and get a free no-obligation cleaning proposal within 24 hours.