Schools & College Cleaning in Gainsborough


Top of the Class School Cleaning Services

Clean Sweep Commercial delivers excellent cleaning services to educational facilities in Gainsborough both during term and summer holidays. A hygienic learning environment is vital for ensuring the success of staff and pupils alike. Our uniformed staff undergo DBS vetting procedure, consistently trained, and supervised for maximum efficiency. We ensure top standards of cleaning performance through our cloud-based audit software, Sentinel, and guarantee adherence to government guidelines and stringent COVID Risk and Method Statements.

Our Gainsborough School & College Cleaning Services


School floor cleaning

sweeping, vacuuming, washing, disinfecting and scrubbing of your floors for hygienically clean floors

Carpets/rugs cleaning

regular vacuuming and cleaning of carpets and entrance mats

Desks/chairs cleaning

regular cleaning and disinfection of chairs, desks and other school furniture

Toilets cleaning

deep cleaning & sanitisation/disinfection of toilets and bathrooms and re-stocking of supplies

Canteen/Cafeteria cleaning

regularly cleaning of your school cafeteria for hygiene maintenance

Cleaning of offices

We will clean and disinfect admin offices and other staff rooms regularly

Library cleaning

cleaning and maintenance of library and books, including disinfection

Auditorium Cleaning

keeping your school auditoriums and halls clean and hygienic

Windows/Doors/Vents cleaning

to remove dust and deal with bacteria and other viruses

Parking area cleaning

Got a parking area at your school? We’ll clean it as well.

Common area cleaning

sweeping, washing and disinfection of halls, corridors and other open places

Playground cleaning

effective cleaning and disinfection of playgrounds, basketball courts and gymnasium


Reliable School & College Cleaning Services

  • Task - Checklists
  • GPS Tracking for Cleaners
  • Inspections & Reports
  • Supporting Management
  • Issue Reporting

Schedule A Walkthrough

Our Walkthroughs typically last around 15 minutes. We will send you a cleaning proposal, with no obligations, within 24 hours. Alternatively, we're just a phone away at 01427-368108 if you want to speak with us directly.