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Consistency without Compromise is it Possible?

It's no secret that keeping costs to a minimum is extremely important in today's current financial climate. You don't want to spend a fortune keeping your facility clean, and in fact, you'd rather not have to spend anything on it at all. However, since the pandemic, you recognize that germs, viruses and dirt are some of those unpleasant realities that aren't going away by themselves; you know you need to hire a cleaning company. You may be tempted to award the contract to whoever can do the work for the least amount of money, but before you do so, consider the potential hidden costs of that decision:

  • What is the cost to you when you have to spend time calling back your cleaning company to complete work that wasn't done the first time correctly?
  • What is the cost to you when your cleaning company doesn't show up on time (or at all) and doesn't follow up to fix problems or respond to emergencies?
  • What is the cost to you when HSE or other government agencies close or fine you because of health or safety violations related to negligence on the part of your cleaning company?
  • What is the cost to you when staff, customers and contractors visiting your business are turned off by unsanitary conditions that your cut-rate cleaning contractor overlooked?
  • What is your business's cost if your cleaning provider has warm body syndrome, and they don't DBS check staff properly or take time to train and insure them?

When you consider these questions, it becomes evident that the potential costs of hiring the lowest bidder could be quite high. But what if there was a way to get the results you want without compromising on price? Is that even possible?


Experience the Clean Sweep Commercial Difference

What exactly makes Clean Sweep Commercial so different? Good question it's our core values. They influence every decision we make, from the staff we hire, to how we hold ourselves accountable:


Our Cloud-Based Auditing Software Sentinel holds us accountable

The Clean Sweep Commercial Auditing Platform Sentinel is the tool we use to define the results we hold our people accountable to deliver. It's the only software in the industry that combines Date, Time, GPS Position, Predetermined Photos, Checklists, QR Codes and KPIs. Here's a snapshot of how it works:


Technology & Reporting

Shift Supervisors login to Sentinel once on-site via an app on their phone. They then complete a daily cleaning audit as they complete the cleaning process. Audits are based on agreed customer service blueprints. Once the audit is complete supervisor will sign the audit and send it to the cloud for inspection.


Our management team are committed to actively monitoring every daily cleaning audit every day. If any issues are flagged, these will be addressed with shift supervisors. Once management is happy with the audit, it will be saved for our VIP client to view at there discretion.


During our onboarding process, you will receive a VIP link and password, enabling you to view all daily cleaning audits. You can view audits on any device of your choosing, great if you are always on the go. If an issue is flagged, management will address it straight away.



If cleaning is so easy, why is it so hard to get great service?

It all comes down to training, systems, checklists and a few secret recipes – These are Fast Solutions for You.

You don't know who actually comes and cleans

We have dedicated cleaning teams for each facility. Because we look after our staff and pay them a living wage, we have very low turnover. Our cloud-based software Sentinel allows you to see time on site, GPS position and supervisors signature.

You can't communicate with the cleaners

We find communication log books invaluable. Supervisors will check the log book before each clean and will address any issues or points raised. They will also log this information into your daily cleaning audit, which is checked every morning by your dedicated operations manager.

Cleaners seem to fly through spot vacuuming and only emptying a couple of bins

You'll be able to log into any device with your VIP Link and Password to view the previous nights cleaning audit, allowing you to see time on site, GPS location, predetermined checklists and images, along with a supervisors signature.

Important things to you keep getting missed

We listen to what you want and expect and then input that into our cloud-based auditing software Sentinel. Each daily cleaning checklist is bespoke and reflects each facilities unique requirements and challenges. Should an issue be flagged at any time, we can take immediate steps to add it to the daily cleaning checklist and images.

Cleaners started great, then quickly went downhill

We believe that we are only as good as our last clean, that's why we don't tie you into a contract. WE GUARANTEE if anything has been missed or not done to your satisfaction, we will put it right immediately at no extra charge. You decide what if any notice periods are required.

"The alarms were not set… And, one of the windows was left open, again!"

We only hire staff eligible to work in the United Kingdom, DBS checked, and background vetted. Before your facility is secured, a supervisor must complete a checklist via our cloud-based software Sentinel and sign to confirm that the facility has been secured.

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