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Our technicians will come to your business disinfect and decontaminate your vehicles, whether it's one on its own or an entire fleet we have you covered. Once on-site technicians will carry out a 40 Point Checklist to disinfect touchpoints in and around the vehicle, followed by an Anti-Viral ULV Fogging with Formula 429 plus the NHS 'Gold Standard' and winner of the National Health Service Infection Control Trials. This product has an instant kill rate of 99.9999 %, is colourless, odourless, safe for pets. Formula 429 plus has four biocides and a polymer backbone which offers extended kill periods of weeks, months.

Finally, we provide a full report which consists of the vehicle registration, date, time, GPS location, 40 point checklist, and photos, along with a certificate of completion. Employers should be mindful that they must take reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of their employees under section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Employees could refuse to use or share a vehicle if they don't feel safe.

40 Point Disinfection Checklist

Exterior door handles ~ Frame of door and roof ~ Interior door release ~ Window switches ~ Interior door handles ~ Door pocket ~ Seatbelts ~ Seatbelt clips ~ Seat adjust buttons ~ Steering wheel ~ Horn ~ Control stalks ~ Air vents ~ Dashboard ~ Power button ~ Gear shift ~ Multimedia screen ~ Central air vents ~ Heating controls ~ Glovebox ~ Logbook ~ Central storage compartment ~ Cupholders ~ Rear-view mirror ~ Interior lights ~ Grab handle ~ Key ~ Headrests ~ Seat pockets ~ Rear central tab ~ Fuel cap (and AdBlue filler) ~ Wheel valves ~ Load area door handles ~ Load area grab handles ~ Load floor ~ Any fitted racking or other load area accessories - load-through bulkheads ~ Bonnet ~ Washer cap ~ Dipstick ~ Oil cap

"A Big Thanks to Clean Sweep Commercial for coming out today to disinfect our vehicles ready for when we can start back to work".


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