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Retford is one of the oldest boroughs in England; the first documentary evidence of Retford can be found in the Domesday Survey of 1086. King Henry I established the borough of East Retford in 1105. Evidence of early human activity around Retford stretches back to the Mesolithic period, with archaeological evidence of human activity in the area including a Mesolithic flint tool found in Ordsall. The area, in and around Retford has varied geology and habitat. There are 30 known Ancient woodlands of more than 2 hectares in Bassetlaw, and the town is surrounded by a rich and diverse ecosystem, including rare and endangered animals and birds. A wide range of birds can be spotted - particularly in the Idle Valley Nature Reserve.

On the third Saturday of every month, Retford hosts a popular farmers' market offering various local produce. On Fridays, browsers can seek out bargains at the antiques and bric-a-brac market. Retford also provides an impressive range of traditional high street and independent shops. With healthy transport, workers often commute to neighbouring towns and cities; some commute to London. Bassetlaw Council refurbished the Retford market square at the cost of Β£1.5 million and invested Β£2.5 million in Retford Enterprise Centre. Retford has very low unemployment rates compared to the national average.

If you manage or own a flourishing Retford business today, you know how important it is to keep your facility always looking its best. You also know how time-consuming cleaning is for your staff. You have better things to do. Save yourself the time and hassle and always enjoy a sparkling clean facility with Clean Sweep Commercial.

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How Our Cleaning Service Can Help Your Business In Retford

If cleaning isn’t your job, leave it to the professionals. You have more important things to do when you run a commercial facility. Our commercial cleaning services can take the stress and hassle of cleaning off your plate and leave your facility a safe COVID-secure space.

Our skilled cleaning operatives are trained in the latest commercial cleaning methods and are adept at solving your most frustrating cleaning challenges. They work with an eye for detail and attention to quality, and rest assured that nothing ever gets missed with our cloud-based auditing software. We also use state-of-the-art equipment and solutions to guarantee you get top-notch cleaning.

Unlike other commercial cleaning companies, Clean Sweep Commercial understands that every Retford facility is different. That’s why we offer bespoke cleaning plans for all of our clients. We listen to your needs and concerns and address them with personalised cleaning solutions.

No Contracts

There are No Contracts, Termination Periods or TUPE Time Bombs.

DBS Vetted Staff

All Our Staff are DBS Vetted and Thoroughly Background Checked.

24/7 Cleaning

Unobtrusive Cleaning, Most of Our Cleaning is Done Out of Hours to Keep Disruption to a Minimum.


We are a tech-first company utilising the latest industry software, Apps, systems, procedures and technology.

Health & Safety

We Provide COVID Risk & Method Statements. Staff Have Undergone COVID-19 Level 2 Training.

Fully Insured

We have a comprehensive cleaning insurance policy for up to 5,000,000.00.

Is Your Business COVID-Secure?

In a recent poll done by Peninsula of UK employers, "one in seven admitted that they weren't confident their workplace was COVID-secure". While "one in four said they were only fairly confident". It is imperative that you meet COVID-secure regulations as you bring your facility back online. If you don't, you could be inspected by HSE. Penalties for not having a COVID-secure site could be fines and even enforcement action, not to mention litigation from staff, customers and contractors that use your facility and contract Coronavirus due to negligence. You will want to re-open your facility as soon as possible, but having a comprehensive cleaning plan is an essential first step. We will provide you with COVID Risk & Method Statements along with daily cleaning audits via our cloud-based software Sentinel. Let us shoulder this responsibility so that you can get back to running your business in the knowledge that your facility is a clean, safe, COVID-secure space.


The Best Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Retford Facility

Every owner or manager wants the best for their business, so hire the best commercial cleaning company in Retford! Clean Sweep Commercial offers the best value in town. No one can match our quality. We strive to keep our clients happy with all aspects of our services, and according to our reviews, they are thrilled with the results!

Why should you hire Clean Sweep Commercial? Because we don't operate like other commercial cleaning companies. Clean Sweep Commercial won't tie you into a long term contract with penalty clauses. It is our firm belief that we are only as good as our last job. Our clients stay with us because they value our services. Other companies say it, but we practice it.

The secret to our success is the people we hire. Right from the start, we are looking for a core values match: Be Honest, Take Ownership, Help Others, Be On-Time, Make Work Fun and Get it Done. Candidates undergo rigorous DBS checks, and new hires receive extensive training before starting the job. All of our employees receive ongoing training and competitive wages, so they stay with us longer.

Because we treat our employees well, we enjoy incredibly low turnover for the cleaning industry. This ensures we always have a team of experienced professionals to send to your site. It also keeps our operating costs down, which we pass on to our clients through low rates. That's why our Retford clients consider us the best commercial cleaning service in town.

CQC Compliant Medical & Clinical Cleaning In Retford

Are you a Practice Manager in Retford looking for a reliable CQC compliant cleaning service for a GP Surgery, Dental Surgery, Clinic or Medical Centre? Clean Sweep Commercial can create a bespoke plan tailored to meet your exact needs. Our medical cleaning package is all-inclusive; there are no hidden extras. Rest assured, we have provided CQC compliant cleaning services to several different GP Surgery's, Dental Surgery's and Clinics across Retford for over 15 years. Our team of experienced, fully trained cleaning operatives can be relied on to deliver a safe COVID-secure space for your patients and staff.

Key Services:

Waiting Room Cleaning

Consultation Room Cleaning

Minor Surgery Room Cleaning

Corridor Cleaning

Reception Area Cleaning

Toilet Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Window Cleaning

3 Monthly Anti-Viral Fogging

Yearly Deep Cleaning

6 Monthly Carpet Cleaning

Communication Logbook

Practice Handbooks

Daily Cleaning Audits

Monthly Infection Control Audits

Protecting Your Retford Workforce In A Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of hygiene and maintaining an acceptable level of cleaning. It has also shined a spotlight on our once invisible workforce of cleaners, which are now viewed as key workers and not just a 'necessary cost'.

Psychologist are already seeing the profound effects COVID-19 is having on behaviour. Rebuilding employee and customer confidence will be critical. Your staff and visitors will want to see more frequent and intense cleaning regimes in place.

If you need help keeping your Retford office building or facility pristine, Clean Sweep Commercial are the experts you can trust. Our bespoke commercial cleaning services are convenient and affordable while keeping your workplace hygienically clean and COVID-secure.


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