Let us help you keep your church clean and looking its best!

Clean Sweep Commercial has provided professional church cleaning services to religious institutions across Lincoln, Newark and Gainsborough for over 16 years. With ageing populations, time constraints and COVID-19 making it quite a chore, we take the pressure off by offering regular weekly or daily cleans tailored just right according to your needs!


Get your church looking its best with our professional cleaning services!

Standard benefits:
- Cleaning will be done to a professional standard.
- Your carpets will be clean and free of dirt and dust.
- You'll have a fresh, new look for your church.
- Your church will be clean and beautiful.

Emotional benefits:
- You'll be able to feel at peace when you walk into the chapel.
- You'll feel like you've brought in a whole new beginning for your church.
- You'll be able to focus better on your prayers and worship with a clean space.


Auditing Software That Holds Us Accountable.

How Does Your Current Cleaning Service Measure Accountability? We are a tech-first company utilising the latest industry software, Apps, systems, procedures and technology. We have designed a bespoke cloud-based auditing software called Sentinel. You don't have to be in the dark any longer.

Need your church cleaned? We're here to help!


Chapel Cleaning

Keeping the prayer room/worship area clean can be challenging. That's why we have technology and machines for a more thorough cleaning routine!


Church furniture can accumulate more than just dust. We use advanced technology to thoroughly clean and disinfect every piece of your church’s furnishings with our expert team.

Chandeliers/ Lights/ Fixtures

All the chandeliers, lights, and fixtures will be left sparkling clean by our well experienced, skilled technicians.


With many patrons visiting your church, the high traffic areas will require deep cleaning. We will vacuum and, if needed, wash carpets.


We don't just clean your church's floors; we leave them shining! Whether the space has tiled or wooden flooring, our professional cleaners will ensure they are left spotless.


We can wash windows and polish them and leave them gleaming.


Clean Sweep Commercial can also provide Bathroom, Lobby and Nursery Cleaning options.

Is Your Place of Worship COVID-Secure?

Our team has been fighting the good fight since early on in this pandemic, and we'll continue to do so as long as it takes, which means that you can count us among those who care deeply about safe places of worship where people feel at peace.

We employ the latest Anti-Viral ULV Fogging technology and are approved Infect Protect Installers. We can protect your facility with a new long-lasting antimicrobial coating for up to 90 days. Infect Protect kills viruses such as COVID-19, bacteria and fungi "on contact".

Would You Like To Become One Of Our Amazing Clients?

We understand the importance of a clean and healthy environment for your congregation - that's why we offer professional cleaning services tailored just right according to your needs!

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