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We are trusted by GP surgeries and dental practices across Lincoln, Newark, Gainsborough and Retford.

Over 16 years of experience delivering CQC compliant cleaning services.

Our unique cloud-based auditing software guarantees you a high level of infection control confidence when it comes to your healthcare facilities.

Our Bespoke One-Stop cleaning package will help you pass any inspection with flying colours.

Clean Sweep Commerical have been cleaning medical facilities across Lincoln, Newark, Gainsborough and Retford for over 16 years, and we understand how overwhelming a CQC inspection can be. We also understand how time-consuming managing outsourced cleaning staff, maintaining consistent cleanliness standards, producing daily hygiene checklists and audits for bodies like the Care Quality Commission can pull a practice's management team in numerous directions.

By utilising the latest industry software, Apps, systems, procedures and technology, we have designed a One-Stop CQC Compliant Cleaning Package that is efficient, effective, and fully compliant with the NHS Cleaning Manual, National Specifications for Cleanliness in the NHS and The Health and Social Care Act 2008. By following the latest healthcare advice, such as the UK COVID-19: infection prevention and control (IPC) guidance, we can adjust our policies and procedures to keep your facility compliant. 

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Why Are You Still Using Paper?

Healthcare providers are responsible for infection prevention and control procedures, but cleaning contractors should also be aware of these same guidelines. The schedule should include the frequency to clean specific items such as keyboards or light switches; regular inspections will help keep everything transparent and compliant.

Clean Sweep Commercial has invested in designing an in-house bespoke cloud-based auditing software called Sentinel. Once onsite, cleaning operatives will log into the app via their smartphone and give you a time, date and GPS position of where they are located during that period which can be accessed from anywhere with internet access! A supervisor scans daily cleaning schedules with specific cleaning tasks and QR codes. You will be able to view these reports via a VIP link and password on any device, along with monthly infection control audits. 


Systems, Processes and Practices Keep People Safe

Inspectors will be looking at the management of infection prevention and control (IPC) against Regulation 12 (Safe care and treatment) and five Key Lines of Enquiry (KLEOs). The five KLEOs are Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well Lead.


CQC Compliant Cleaning Package

Clean Sweep Commercial has designed a Bespoke One-Stop-Shop CQC Compliant Cleaning Package that is fully inclusive. We know how busy you and your practice staff are, and this is one thing you can tick off. Our cleaning services are fully transparent and documented as per infection prevention and control procedures. Our Practice Handbooks are all you will need when undergoing an inspection. We have helped numerous GP Surgeries, Dental Practices, and Clinics successfully pass CQC inspections with a one hundred per cent pass rate and stay COVID-secure. 

Cleaning Operatives

Our uniformed cleaning operatives are thoroughly background checked, DBS vetted, and signed confidentiality agreements. All have explicitly received training to clean medical facilities and have Coronavirus COVID-19 Level 2 training.

24/7 Mobile Cleaning Teams

Most of our surgeries and practices are cleaned out of hours to keep disruption down to a minimum. We also find clients get a far superior service that is more cost-effective. Our teams are fully mobile and will not need to store any equipment or supplies on your site.

Specific Cleaning Plan

We will work with your infection control team to create a bespoke detailed cleaning plan that is area-specific for your facility. Examples of what the plan should include are given in the National Patient Safety Agency, National specifications for cleanliness in the NHS Guidance on setting and measuring performance outcomes in primary care medical and dental premises.

Cleaning Schedules/Audits

By providing you with a VIP link and password, you will be able to view daily signed cleaning schedules, and monthly infection control audits on any device. We will also include hard copies of these daily cleaning schedules and audits in your practice handbooks.

Practice Handbooks

Our Practice Handbooks include Risk and Method Statements, Cleaning Specifications/Frequency, Infection Control Training, DBS Checks, Confidentiality Agreements, Insurance, COSHH, Daily Cleaning Schedules, Monthly Infection Control Audits, Deep Clean Dates, Carpet Clean Dates and finally Anti-Viral Fogging Dates.

Cleaning Chemicals & Equipment

All chemicals are hospital grade, and cleaning equipment is colour coded to stop cross-contamination. Vacuums have HEAP-FLO bags that keep dust and allergens out. We also use disposable mop heads and single-use cleaning cloths. Equipment is PAT tested, and COSHH can be found in our practice handbook.

Yearly Deep Clean & Carpet Cleaning

As part of our CQC package, we have included standard yearly deep cleans, and six-month carpet cleans. They are both vital ingredients in the fight against healthcare-associated infections.

Anti-Viral ULV Fogging

As an added layer of protection, we will Anti-Viral ULV Fog your entire facility with a new long-lasting revolutionary antimicrobial coating every 90 days. That coating will give you 24/7 protection with a kill rate of 99.999% within 5 minutes of viral or bacterial contact. That means you would need to disinfect all surfaces every 5 minutes to provide the same level of protection.

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