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Preventative Deep Cleaning

Clean Sweep Commercial has been working hard to develop a COVID-19 preventative deep cleaning strategy. Some reports claim that COVID-19 can live up to 72 hours on surfaces at room temperature. Preventative deep cleaning along with a proactive daily/weekly cleaning regime is vital in the fight against Coronavirus and many other harmful pathogens.

By following the latest guidance from Public Health England, we have developed a deep cleaning preventative system called Defend. Our new Defend system can work alongside your current cleaning providers, or we can integrate it into our proactive daily/weekly cleaning regimes.

Defend focuses on disinfecting touchpoints and high traffic areas within a facility. Sentinel is a cloud-based software developed in house that allows our team to go through touchpoint checklist, document work and take photos. Upon completion, each area will be Anti-Viral ULV Fogged with Formula 429 plus the 'GOLD STANDARD' used by the NHS in combating MRSA as it kills most bloodborne pathogens. Formula 429 plus applied correctly, kills 99.9999 % of bacteria within 15 seconds and goes on acting for up to 8 weeks. Upon completion, you will receive a Defend Report that will detail Technicians Names, PPE, COSHH, Risk/Method Statements, Cleaning Specifications, Checklists and Photos, along with a Certificate of Completion to display.

Many facilities managers, office managers and business will face the challenge of reopening. Defend can help ensure staff, customers and visitors feel safe while using your facility from day one. Some insurance providers may require proof that your facility is safe to reopen, and our report and certificate will demonstrate compliance. Employers should also be mindful of section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This act places a duty of care to take reasonable steps to protect staff, public and contractors. Staff can even refuse to come into work if they don't think it's safe.

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We have the amazing guys at Clean Sweep currently doing a deep clean of the building to help protect staff.

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Emergency Coronavirus Decontamination

If a member of staff or public have been diagnosed with Coronavirus and have been in your workplace, full decontamination will be required. Please let us know that this is indeed the case as our staff will need to use the correct PPE before entering your site. We will start by sanitising and disinfecting all surfaces while paying particular attention to touchpoints and high contact areas. ULV Anti-Viral Fogging is carried out using Formula 429 plus the 'gold standard' used by the NHS in combating MRSA as it kills most bloodborne pathogens. Formula 429 plus, if used/applied correctly, kills 99.9999 % of bacteria within 15 seconds and goes on acting for up to 8 weeks. It is odourless and colourless. Formula 429 is safe to use around humans and animals and has no significant environmental impact and can be back in use within 30 minutes. Clients will receive a full report detailing COSHH, PPE, Photos/Videos, Risk/Method Statements, and finally Cleaning Specifications.

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Vehicle Decontamination

If you have a fleet of vehicles or just one, Clean Sweep Commercial offers a Full Vehicle Decontamination & Disinfecting Services. Technicians carry out a 40 Point Checklist to sanitising and disinfect touchpoints within and around the vehicle, followed by an Anti-Viral Fogging with Formula 429 the NHS 'Gold Standard'. The combination of wiping down touchpoints and fogging offers a comprehensive solution to those businesses that have one or more employees sharing or using a vehicle. Clients receive a full report detailing the registration, time, date, GPS location, photos, and 40 Point Check List.

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"A Big Thanks to Clean Sweep Commercial for coming out today to disinfect our vehicles ready for when we can start back to work".


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